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Honda says: "Sensible transportation that puts a smile on your face". Well put. Sometimes you don't need four wheels or a massive engine, you just need an economical and convenient way to get around, that is really, really FUN.  Our sales associates are ready to help you find just the right scooter for your needs. Please ask us about the scooter club!

Featured Scooters

Honda Ruckus 49cc

Nothing on two wheels—or four—has the rugged, minimalist look of a Honda Ruckus. And that’s the whole point. The Ruckus is all about riding down your own road in life, doing things your way, on your schedule. But the Ruckus is about way more than just its unique looks: its tough 49cc Honda engine also gets awesome mileage. And riding couldn’t be more simple: its Honda V-matic® automatic transmission makes for no-shifting, seamless power in and out of traffic. Its electric starter means you just turn a key, push a button, and you’re outta there. So forget about that suit-and-tie world. There’s plenty of time for that later. Right now, it’s time to get on a Honda Ruckus and Ruck out on the rugged side of life.  More at the Honda website.


Honda Metropolitan 49cc

The Metropolitan is all about practicality, offering 22 liters of lockable storage capacity beneath the seat, plus a convenient shopping bag holder and a floorboard design to keep your shoes looking nice. Sensible transportation that puts a smile on your face—that’s the Metropolitan from Honda. More at the Honda website.